Composed of young and vibrant visionaries who believe that software solutions must be affordable and focused on creating value to organizations.

The founders came from various industries including but not limited to financial institutions (banks and microfinance), mobile marketing, multi-media, education and healthcare.

With emerging markets and the fast-moving changes in technology, FRUITS can provide and give access to products and services that can improve the quality of your business.

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We aim to give a better way for institutions to communicate with their clients, provide solutions that can hasten results and bring together a work environment that is interlinked and well synchronized with streamlined software programs that are designed to deliver accurate fruits of the products.

We build and operate innovative technological solutions to enable institutions to operate and track any movement in their business even if they are mobile.

Our team is comprised of experienced and young innovators in software programming, web and mobile application development, and other technological solutions.

Our growing and loyal customer base have provided us with recurring revenue streams inspiring and challenging us to do quality solutions as we go with the times.





Although FRUITS may be an acronym for Financial Results Using Innovative Technology Solutions, the meaning is also associated with the sweet and fleshy product of trees that we call fruits. The Philippines is a tropical country filled with rich and vibrant exotic fruits found in different parts of the island.

Known for fruits like mango, coconut and papaya to the more exotic ones like lanzones, rambutan and atis to name a few, they become a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come.

The fruits we eat remind us that in every endeavor, tried or untried, there is a proper process for doing things in order to achieve the desired and safe result.

And without realizing it, these fruits have become significantly valuable because it has provided us with necessities we need like building our homes and contributing to good health.

FRUITS likens itself to the actual fruits because it is a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come. FRUITS goes through the proper process and achieves desired and safe results. Lastly, the intrinsic value that FRUITS brings to your organization is interlaced in your day-to-day business operations, a vital process that brings your office to a trail of profitable satisfaction.